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3 Virtual Women Conferences to Attend from Home

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In a world where men still have an unfair advantage in terms of leadership opportunities and equal pay, it is critical for women to work together in closing the gap, and to push for gender equality.

Women-focused conferences are a great opportunity to participate in the sharing of experiences and lessons that are relevant to the unique challenges they face at work, with their families, and in other aspects of life.

While face-to-face events might not be an option at this time, many of this year’s conferences have been brought to the digital space, and conference organizers have devised ways to allow participants to interact with each other and network in a virtual setup.

Here are three conferences dedicated to helping women develop professionally, and all around, which you can attend in the safety and comfort of your home.

Women Lead Change Conferences

October-November 2020


Based in Eastern Iowa, Women Lead Change is an organization dedicated to providing women at all career levels and walks of life with ways to develop their leadership skills and to network with women who are also working towards becoming better leaders.

This year, all Women Lead Change conferences will be conducted virtually and will offer online content on leadership topics, as well as talks from world-renown speakers such as Stacey Hanke, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Carla Harris.

Attendees could select one among three conferences: WLC Dubuque on October 8, WLC Central Iowa on October 28, or WLC Quad Cities on November 10; or purchase an all-access pass.

TEDWomen 2020 Fearless

November 12, 2020


First conducted in 2010, TEDWomen is focused on empowering women of all ages to be creators and agents of change, through various workshops, events, and discussions.

This year, TEDWomen seeks to have women “call upon [their] collective fearlessness to create a global step forward together” through a virtual conference. TEDWomen guarantees a diversity of interesting and multidimensional ideas from speakers hailing from different parts of the world, including Nigeria, Lagos, Trinidad and Tobago, Sri Lanka, and Australia.

The event will be conducted on TED’s digital conference space, allowing participants to engage in interactive sessions, as well as connect with other attendees. TEDWomen also offers attendees a means to stay connected with each other before, during, and after the conference through the TEDConnect app.

Future Women Conference 2021

February 25-26, 2021


The 4th International Conference of the Future of Women seeks to address the barriers that hinder the empowerment of women worldwide by activating discussions about feminist futures and pushing forward the unfinished agenda of women’s equality. 

The event has historically featured a diverse set of speakers, including experts and academics from Vietnam, Macau, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Spain, and the United States.

Slated to take place in Bangkok, Thailand, attendees also have the option to participate virtually and have access to all conference materials, presentations and sessions.

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