Tuesday, December 7, 2021

5 Ways that Nourished is Changing the Supplements Industry for Good

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Ever heard about Nourished? It’s a groundbreaking supplement brand that is continuously getting bigger and bigger attention thanks to its ingenious approach to doing business. Unlike other brands out there, Nourished focuses on one key factor that has remained overlooked by everyone for decades–individual needs. No other supplements company is providing people with the ability to get EXACTLY what they need from their vitamins, and in a format that maximizes delivery of essential nutrients.

Sounds great? Well, that’s just the beginning of it. Read below to see how this brand is single-handedly stirring the supplements industry towards a better direction.

1. A bespoke approach to supplementation

When the brand says that it gives you the opportunity to fulfill your health and wellness needs with a tailor-made approach completely unique to you, they really mean it. Everyone is invited to take its proprietary lifestyle quiz that determines the exact blend of vitamins and minerals you need based on your body composition, lifestyle, and goals. You can check out the quiz here

2. A program that changes with you

Part of Nourished’s commitment to providing you with a truly bespoke experience is the ability to change as your needs change. The company offers hassle-free and fully flexible subscription plans that allow you to switch Nourishments as your lifestyle, needs, and goals also change.

3. A format that’s as innovative as it is delicious

No other brand out there uses 3D printing technology to create hyper-targeted, fresh, and delicious, vegan, sugar-free, made-to-order supplement stacks. These Nourished stacks taste like gummies and are proven to work faster and more efficiently than regular capsule supplements.

4. Sustainable packaging

The supplement industry is one of the biggest contributors to single-use wastes in the world. Nourished veers away from that by opting to use 100% plastic-free, compostable packaging that nourishes the soil. So far, they’ve saved 3.5 tons of plastic waste and continue to do so.

5. A force that promotes social good

It’s a known fact that many of today’s consumers consider a company’s social initiatives before purchasing. Nourished is one of the few supplements brands that champions this mindset through their active partnership with Vitamin Angels UK that allows them to reach communities most at-risk for malnutrition and food insecurity.

To know more about Nourished, you may visit https://us.get-nourished.com

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