Tuesday, December 7, 2021

A New Dimension to Health

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Your health is the most important aspect of your life. Billions of people around the globe work to improve their health every single day. From exercise to dieting, from running more to consuming less sugar, there are endless combinations of activities we can do each day to improve our health. One such form is through vitamins. In many cases, our bodies require specific vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to improve our health and wellness. Occasionally these requirements may be instructed by a doctor, in other cases, it is simply popular things we see on the internet that we see as a remedy. Melissa Snover, an avid consumer of vitamins, experienced the same feelings many share. Curiosity in terms of which vitamins she truly needed, the shelf life of the bottles of vitamins, and above all, are these tablets truly improving my wellness? 

Melissa Snover struggled with the daily rituals of swallowing tasteless, or more often than not, terrible tasting tablets. As an avid entrepreneur who constantly travels, she was challenged by the tedious tasks of lugging around plastic bags of vitamins and supplements. As people across the world have experienced, Melissa felt that improving her health and wellness was a remarkably tedious task. Snover quickly got to work, researching the industry to find solutions to these problems. With her research dead-ends, she began to imagine a better solution to these issues, ideas that would soon lead to her company, Nourished. 

Nourished brings a new dimension to your health. A scientifically-backed quiz, allowing comprehensive algorithms to precisely identify your vitamin and nutrient needs. State-of-the-art, patented technology then 3D prints the layers to each vitamin, combining each vitamin and nutrient your body needs into one gummy, rather than various tablets. Personalization, through the creation of a gummy unique to you, along with the specific flavor preferences that you select to make improving your health and wellness that much more enjoyable. Melissa Snover’s challenge, a challenge shared by millions across the world, brought her to find an answer to the problem. 

Nourished has since been enjoyed by hundred of thousands across the United Kingdom and United States. It brings personalization to the remedies your body uniquely requires. It makes a tedious, unenjoyable nutrtime regime into a routine you look forward to. Above all, Nourished has brought a new dimension to health. 

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