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Trendy Ideas to Up Your Next Backyard Glamping Sesh

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I guess it’s safe to say we all feel cooped up at this point. We’ve all been stuck inside our homes for months now–unable to physically socialize or even enjoy a good cup of cold brew in our favorite cafe without fearing that we might catch something. But what can we do? There’s a deadly virus going around out there and the best way we can avoid getting infected and help stop it in its tracks is by minimizing contact with others and staying indoors.

The Covid-19 crisis is a very serious matter. As of writing, this new strain of coronavirus has already infected about 5.2 million people in the U.S. alone. There are currently 20 million confirmed cases worldwide and more than 735,000 people have lost their lives to this disease. And while many are claiming that they are almost done developing a vaccine, still the safest way to go about our lives at the moment is by staying home and following the guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

In our quest to provide you with more fun activities to keep yourselves sane and safe at home, we learned about how most people are now using their backyards as glamping sites. We instantly fell in love with the idea. And thought to ourselves, “Why stop at generic glamping, when you can take it up a notch with very easy and inexpensive tweaks?”


Decorate your campsite with a fun theme


Really, nothing will make your glamping night more fun than a themed design. And the great thing about being merely feet away from your house is that you actually have everything you need to make this happen. Oh, and by all means, don’t stop with your campsite. If you want to decorate the inside of your tents as well, go ahead and do it. Make it as chic or as silly as you want it to be. Just make sure to have fun while doing it and let your imagination run wild. 


Spend time fixing your lighting


One of the keys to having a great looking campsite whether in photos or in person is lighting. Take time to set up some fairy lights to warm things up and make them look a bit more magical. If it suits your theme, go ahead and set up some neon lights too! They’re actually pretty cheap and easy to get these days.


Plan your menu


You want to enjoy your glamping experience as much as you can, so it’s pretty wise to choose foods that are not only aligned with your theme but can also be prepared in advance. Think of salads that you can prepare hours ahead and just assemble when it’s time to eat. Same goes for soups, drinks and other dishes. Or you can wrap individual meals in tin foils and just throw them in the fire later on. You can also grab this opportunity to introduce healthier food items to your family (under the guise of staying true to your theme, of course). So plan it, prepare it in advance, and enjoy.


Think of fun activities that can bring people closer to nature


One of the great things about camping and its many forms is how it allows us to better appreciate what Earth provides us. Use this as an opportunity to teach your kids a lesson or two. Perhaps you can declare a lights out and gadgets down hour, where you just really bond and sing around a campfire? Or maybe consider setting up the telescope for a bit of stargazing? You can even bring out your old projector and watch a documentary about nature. 




Nothing says camping quite like roasting marshmallows in the campfire. No other explanation needed. You just really have to do this one.

Got article ideas you want us to explore? Feel free to send us a message or comment below. We love hearing from our readers. Meanwhile, wherever you are, we hope that you are safe, and well, and happy. 

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