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Tips for Anyone Who Wants to Go from Employee to Become His Own Boss Straight from Successful Entrepreneurs

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Anyone who wants to run their own business knows that starting as an employee is one of the keys to finding success. It provides you with various levels of knowledge and skills you need to effectively run your operation and helps you develop the emotional intelligence needed to be a great leader. It also creates a good foundation for you to fall back on in case things don’t go as planned.

If you are someone who has been planning to transition from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur, you may have your own doubts and questions. That’s OK. It’s normal. But don’t let that stop you. Keep in mind that more often than not, life’s biggest risks turn out yielding the best rewards. And when it comes to starting your own business, this is usually the case.

And honestly speaking, where you are right now, is an ideal place to start your own venture. Having a stable income to support your needs just takes away the pressure of depending on whatever your business will make in the near future. That said, the spot that you are in right now also prevents you from working on it full time. So, what can you do to move forward efficiently?

 We talked to people who’ve made it as entrepreneurs—men and women who were once in your shoes—and asked them for nuggets of wisdom that they can impart to anyone who wants to jump-start their journey to becoming their own boss.

Don’t do everything

One of the country’s leading real estate investors, CEO and founder of 100 Million Academy, Cody Sperber, says, “It’s easy for entrepreneurs to mistake movement for achievement. We spend our days going a million different directions as we fight to make our dreams to come true. We take on all the different roles in the business because we have no other choice, and the end result is doing a little bit of a whole lot of things. And at first, it’s fine because we’re excited about our new business venture, but over time you start to run out of energy, and you get depressed because you stop feeling any progress. The key to overcoming this is becoming laser focused on just a few activities and mastering them and then documenting everything, hiring someone else to come and do them. Being a doer is fine but being a doer that does the right things is the key to success. Make time management a top priority.”

Take branding and digital marketing seriously

Dan Fleyshman, the youngest man to ever take a company public and founder of several eight and nine-figure companies says, “It’s so crucial for you to be memorable. There are simple ways to create great branding in person and online. When done right, your branding will help you gain attention. People will want to buy and work with you because they trust and respect you. You need to be set up on every social media platform. Same bio photo, same bio, same registration website and a way to get your email address and we’d be able to contact you.

Take your time and prepare to make sacrifices

According to the CEO of PR agency Publicity for Good, Heather DeSantis, “Remember that the moment you start working on your own business, you start building something that can potentially be with you for the rest of your life. Results will most likely not happen overnight and you will most certainly have to make a few personal sacrifices, but trust me when I say, it will be worth it. Trust your vision and trust the process. Keep working, keep learning, and always stay kind.

Create meaningful connections

Alex Witt, CEO of Battle Bars, shares, “As you grow your business, you need to ensure that you have both internal and external partners that share the same values with you. Being on the same boat just increases your chances of success. A good example is our company’s partnership with BodyBuilding.com. The two companies share the same vision for giving back through philanthropy, supporting veterans and first responders, and meeting the demands of the fitness community or better-tasting and better-for-you nutrition bars.”

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