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Five High-Quality CBD Brands That Won’t Burn A Hole in Your Pocket

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With everyone raving about how much cannabidiol-based products have helped them manage symptoms of their diseases or improve their overall wellbeing, it’s no wonder that the CBD industry continues to grow at such a rapid pace. Just a couple of years ago, barely anyone knew about cannabidiol, yet today, the CBD industry is estimated to be valued at $9.3 billion and is expected to reach $23.6 billion by 2025.


According to experts, some of the main drivers of growth for the CBD industry include: increased awareness of its many therapeutic benefits; the trendy appeal that CBD products have thanks to the string of promotional posts by social media influencers, and; new product formats (although cannabidiol oil still rules them all). All these factors, no doubt, are influencing people to purchase irrespective of cost. But why break the bank when you can get really good ones at a more justifiable price?


Below are five of the best performing and trendiest CBD brands that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


  • CBD American Shaman


In its website, CBD American Shaman says that it is dedicated to bringing wellness to the world. One look at their offerings, and immediately you’d know that it’s true! Their dedication to using innovation to advance the industry is clearly demonstrated in their wide variety of product offerings, which includes CBD-based skincare, CBD water and CBD products for your pets. Their products can go for as low as $14.99, which is way lower compared to other brands out there, but that could also mean generally lower CBD concentration. CBD American Shaman ships to all 50 US States.


  • Spruce


Spruce brags of being a CBD brand that uses 100% natural, no pesticide ingredients to create lab grade products. Its founders believe that today’s medicine is broken and strives to provide relief from pain and other ailments using natural solutions. Users of Spruce often commend its oils’ high potency and honest-to-goodness approach in developing their products, although others also wish that they’d come up with options that are less concentrated, and also offer smaller versions of what they currently have on the market. Their topical CBD cream retails for $39.


  • Charlotte’s Web


This is a brand that was founded by the Stanley brothers on the premise of improving life naturally and is one of the oldest and most popular CBD brands. They offer all sorts of CBD based products including gummies, capsules, topical pain relief, and of course, CBD oils, which come in four flavors–olive oil, lemon twist, mint chocolate, and orange blossom. They sell CBD for dogs for as low as $19.99, while their CBD oils can go as low as $24.99.


It’s important to note that the hemp Charlotte’s Web use is not currently certified organic.


  • Mana Botanics


Mana Botanics prides itself for being based in Hawaii and sourcing most of their ingredients locally (This means locally grown and sourced turmeric, medicinal roots, etc.–with the exception of hemp. It’s still unclear where they source this from). Theirs are really uniquely formulated CBD products that focus on highlighting the best of what the island has to offer. Their CBD drops sell for as low as $35. The only issue with Mana is that since they are based in Hawaii, shipping takes a while. In addition to this, some of their products seem to get sold out easily, which means you have to keep your eyes on their site if you want to get your hands on one.


  • Remedio Wellness


One look at Remedio Wellness and you’d easily know that this is a brand that’s not fooling around. From packaging to formulation, they take every little detail seriously, which is why they only have three offerings at the moment despite being a frontrunner in the industry; three products that provide very distinct benefits–calming and pain relief, sleeping aid, and a highly potent soothing balm that deeply renews, repairs, and protects the skin. Their drops retail for as low as $29. Users of Remedio Wellness often say that all other brands fail in comparison to theirs and once you’ve tried one of their products, you will never go back. They ship all across the US and offer free shipping for orders over $50.

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