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Quarantine Gifts that Give More

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Sending random gifts to friends and loved ones has recently become a thing. With most of the world either in chaos or quarantine (or both) no thanks to Covid-19, people are turning to gifting to help others cope with anxiety and depression.

Whether you’re doing it to help others feel better or just because you want to, we’ve listed down some brands that you may want to consider because they do more than just create quality products—they help others in need.

What could be better, right? Oh! And all the brands listed here deliver too!

Check out the list below:

1.     Lula’s Garden

Do you have friends who love succulents or could use a bit of greenery in their apartment? Well, Lula’s Garden is here to help. They allow you to choose exactly what kind of succulents you gift friends with and package everything in a ready-to-display box with customizable cover sleeves. Every purchase from them helps provide safe and clean water to people in need.

2.     Thistle Farms

For your friends who are crazy about personal care and home spa products like body scrubs, scented candles, or moisturizers, Thistle Farms has them all. All their products use natural ingredients and are made by women survivors of human trafficking, prostitution, or drug addiction. The profits that the company makes support the women who make their products.

3.     The Giving Keys

What’s the best thing you could give a homeless person? Employment—the ability to provide for himself through his own work. It does not only give him material things, but it also provides him with confidence and a sense of purpose. The Giving Keys is a jewelry brand that understands this truth well. They make beautiful jewelry with inspirational quotes to help people cope with whatever they are going through. They’ve also recently started selling face masks in an effort to help with the battle against Covid-19. Again, every purchase helps provide employment to formerly homeless individuals.

4.     Cookies for Kids’ Cancer

The name says it all. Cookies for Kids’ Cancer is an organization that helps raise funds for research to develop new, more efficacious, and less toxic treatments for kids suffering from cancer. So far, they’ve raised over $16 million for this effort. Next time you think about sending someone a bag of treats, you may want to consider just getting cookies from them.

5.     Grounds and Hounds

This is something that all your coffee- and dog-loving friends will surely appreciate. Grounds and Hounds is a company whose tagline is “Every Pound Saves a Hound”. They sell fair trade and organic, specialty coffee that help raise money to support rescue initiatives as well as organizations providing a second chance for all doggos and puppers in need. And they have a wide range of coffee and chocolate that come in all forms and blends. We don’t know about you but looks like we just found our new favorite coffee supplier.

6.     Hand in Hand Soap

If there was any gift that anyone would appreciate receiving right now, it would be cleaning supplies, including hand and body soaps. Hand in Hand Soap was founded on the premise of helping reduce child deaths and illnesses that could have been prevented through hand washing by giving a bar of soap to a person in need. They developed a program wherein every purchase of a product from their company allows them to do this. So far, they’ve donated about 1.6 million bars of soaps to children in Haiti. Impressive to say the least. From bar soaps, they have also started selling body washes, scrubs, and lotions, all in the name of helping more kids.

7. Eco Lips

Widely popular as the original organic lip balm brand, Eco Lips, is famous for making eco-friendly, yet highly functional and innovative lip balms. They essentially reshaped the lip balm industry when they launched! They have just about a product and flavor for everyone. Recently, they launched an initiative to commit 20% of all online sales to helping the families of frontliners who have passed away or are critically ill due to Covid-19. They are doing this in partnership with non-profit organization, Frontline Heroes. Funds gathered from the drive will be used for funeral expenses, food, and other critical needs so families can focus on healing.

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