Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Good Stock’s Chicken & Vegetable Soup Makes a Comeback Just in Time for Thanksgiving

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Modern soup company, Good Stock, just made a very important announcement that is sure to give fans of the brand one more reason to be thankful for–the return of its much-loved Chicken & Vegetable Soup. According to its founder, Ben Leblanc, the move to bring back this bestseller from their Smogasburg days is the brand’s answer to clamor for meat-based options.

“Those who got to know us from the internet and through our partners think that we’ve always just offered vegetarian and vegan-friendly soups,” Leblanc explains. “We have been receiving quite a number of requests to come up with hearty, meaty options, and we think it’s about time we give in.”

The classic Chicken & Vegetable Soup is perfect for those who are looking for a really well-made soup that tastes just like home. It has a golden broth and is made of familiar flavors that anyone will truly enjoy. And as with any other items offered by Good Stock, the Chicken & Vegetable Soup is made using high-precision, skill, heart, and high-quality ingredients.

“Our commitment to making it easy for anyone to get their hands on really high quality, well-made bowls of soup remains the same. I personally see to it that everything we do is always aligned with our core values, and that is especially true when it comes to new offerings. I can confidently say that this soup will taste exactly as it should, will make use of only natural ingredients, and is undeniably healthy. It will–without a doubt–make you feel good.”

To know more about Good Stock or to order, you can visit https://www.goodstocksoups.com. You can also click here to see where you can get one near you.

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