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How Can Women Build an Authentic Personal Brand?

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While having a personal brand is essential in growing one’s business, women tend to have a harder time taking this step due to stereotypes, traditional gender roles, and many times, a lack of confidence.

Business mentor and international speaker Haylee Stamper enlightens us on how women can overcome obstacles and get started with building a personal brand.

What makes the approach to personal branding different for women?

Before even getting started with your personal brand, you have to be in touch with your authentic self. Unfortunately, many women find it hard to show this side of themselves. Why? Because growing up, women were rewarded for our modesty, politeness, and good manners, and chastised for challenging the status quo. Often, this mindset gets in the way of realizing our potential. When we let it defeat us, we instead choose to stay silent and settle for something less than we deserve.

How can women overcome this mindset?

The simplest way I like to challenge this self-defeating mindset is by using could instead of would. The word “could” opens our minds towards the exciting unknown, and pushes ourselves beyond the limit of what we thought possible.

For example, when faced with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you might ask yourself, “What would happen if I take this risk?” A would mindset is influenced by thoughts of the past: regrets, fears, insecurities, and the judgment of other people. To make a real difference in your life, you have to move on from the past, and open yourself to the promises of the future. Asking yourself what could happen, and shifting your perspective from probabilities to possibilities will unlock so much of your life’s potential.

What’s a common misconception of personal branding?

Many people think of personal branding as beating your own chest or even bragging, but that shouldn’t be the case. First of all, talking about yourself isn’t inherently bad, and it’s possible to do it without being self-serving. While it certainly helps to talk about your achievements, sharing your knowledge with others is a more effective way to build your credibility.

How can women get started with building their personal brand?

The most crucial aspect is determining your “Why”; that is, the reason why you’re doing this. Running a business is tough work; many times, you’ll be faced with difficult decisions or situations that will make you just want to quit and go back to the easier route. Having a clear “why” will help you weather through every challenge of your entrepreneurial journey.

Many business experts will tell you that the next step is finding your niche, but I beg to differ. We live in an age where consumers are overwhelmed with thousands of brands offering them the same product or service. I believe it’s more important to identify who your target customers are, and be the authentic, living proof of the transformation they aspire to have. I’ve always encouraged women to embrace their emotional sensitivity, and use it to their advantage. That said, be someone who is relatable; someone they can emotionally connect to.

That said, consistency is still important in building your personal brand. Each of us gravitates towards certain topics that we are knowledgeable about; I call these our “pillar” stories. For example, as a coach, I love to talk about entrepreneurship, overcoming abusive relationships, and spirituality. These are pillars on which I can anchor my own stories and content. Being consistent with your topics will help you grow as an expert in your field. The trick is to take an inventory of what you lean toward most, and run with it!

Any more advice you’d like to share for women entrepreneurs?

As entrepreneurs, we are in a state of constant evolution, of building our own knowledge, and becoming better people. Make sure that your personal brand also grows and evolves with you.

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