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How Do You Find Your Purpose?

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As someone who grew up in a very religious household and went exclusively to Catholic schools all his life, I was always taught about purpose and its significance in someone’s happiness. Charity, love, and compassion will apparently give you not just fulfillment but a sense of reason for waking up every morning. Of course, as with any boy, I paid very little attention to these things, but as I grew older, and have become more and more consumed by work and other responsibilities, I started to ask myself– “Is this the only thing I’m supposed to be doing? If I kick the bucket tomorrow, what was the whole purpose of all this?”

The last few months–with lockdowns in place–I have had more time to focus on this, and that’s what led me to  Katie Blair. Blair is a business coach, yoga master, and lightworker who spent three years backpacking across 26 countries in order to find her purpose. And what she has to share about is something everyone should hear.

In Blair’s website, there is a line that struck me very profoundly. It says, “I firmly believe wellness, and any other area in your life that you are unhappy with for that matter, is an inside job – not an outside one. We’re constantly searching externally to the answers for our problems.”

That was as 2020 internet lingo very eloquently puts it: #facts.

A bit of background about Blair. She runs two businesses and is a lightworker who is famed for helping women claim their place and unlock their true potential. She uses all the learnings she’s acquired from her travels to help others–women and other lightworkers especially–to to achieve economic freedom, self-actualization, and spiritual evolution using a combination of spiritual and entrepreneurial techniques. She has a signature program called The Full-Time Purpose Portal where she teaches people how to go from having an idea to having a fully running business that is aligned with their values and allows them to create ripples, in six months. It’s a combination of a very tangible, scientific approach to building a business and going deep inside to truly understand your intentions and mission. 

When asked about the importance of purpose, especially for entrepreneurs, Blair says, “Purpose, more than anything else, provides you with clarity. If you truly understand what gives you profound happiness and fulfillment, it just makes it so much easier for you to create something that enables you to pursue that.”

Her businesses are the product of her desire to help people. Her foray into the virtual business space started back in 2017 when she created a four-week virtual yoga program to make it easier for others to discover awareness and mindful living without having to go all the way to India. This course was the seed that paved the way for much bigger things and her own evolution as a lightworker.

“I was just really looking for something that could help me reach out to people and give them the same awakening I had when I went to India to master yoga. Of course, I was extremely passionate about this, but I had no idea this initial vision would turn out to be just the tip of the iceberg down an entire career path.”

A couple of months later, she started another program, but this time, focused on helping teenage girls. “Teenage years can be really tough, especially for girls. And one of my key takeaways has always been that I wish I had the mindfulness I have now back then. I want to impart my knowledge to girls so that they can start understanding themselves earlier. The goal of the Sowing Sadhana summer retreat is to help them answer the biggest whys in their life and help them find their power and importance; to uncover the things that make them unique and to celebrate that.”

With two successful initial programs under her belt, one would think that Blair would slow down. But her achievements only served as a jump-off point for her to reach greater heights.

A year after she started, Blair decided to venture into business coaching. She says this move was her way of taking her purpose to the next level. “My mission is to help others find their way in this world, and part of that is making sure they have the resources to enact their own mission. Especially in this time of great uncertainty, as a lightworker business coach, I am working on helping people find a way not just to survive, but thrive. I am working to assist them so that they can profit out of their passion.”

If there’s one thing Blair’s story can tell us is, it’s that purpose is something you actively search for. The way we find it may be different from the next person, after all, each person’s purpose is uniquely theirs. But the search does not begin on the road. No, in fact, it begins inside you and more often than not, with the question, “What makes me truly happy?”

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