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How the Contributions of American Women in WW2 Inspired a Modern Movement

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Did you know that despite the lack of significant representation of women doing manual labor during the World War in modern films, the fact is that an unprecedented number of women entered the industrial labor force to fill the holes left by men? This is the reason why Rosie the Riveter became such an icon. As the image used for the campaign aimed at recruiting female workers, Rosie represented the idea that when bonded and moving together as one, women are capable of much greater things.

Today, one brand takes inspiration from this idea to help others. All-American handbag company R. Riveter was founded by military wives, Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse after fully understanding how hard it is for military spouses to find meaningful employment that fits their transient lifestyle. Both Bradley and Cruse are highly educated, creative, and determined, yet neither was able to find meaningful work despite their qualifications.

Years of trying led the two to the realization that if they wanted a meaningful career, they would have to create it themselves. And thus, R. Riveter was born. According to their website, R. Riveter does not employ military spouses to create handbags. They create handbags so that they can provide employment to military spouses. This makes it much more than just a brand, but a movement that brings people together towards a common goal.

Military spouses provide such great support to servicemembers, and in turn, to the country. From their careers, hobbies, and lifestyle to how they connect with family and friends, everything they do is tailored around the duty that they have to their partners. Despite this, their sacrifices remain unknown to many. Through R. Riveter, Bradley and Cruse are hoping to not only turn things around for military spouses, but take things forward by actively challenging the status quo.

Today, R. Riveter is 10 years old and has so far helped over a hundred military spouses discover just how rewarding it is to have a career despite having a mobile lifestyle. Every R. Riveter bag is a representation of the story, hard work and aspirations of the women who worked on it.

The bags aim to their users that whatever mission they are on, there’s an entire Riveter Nation cheering them on.

To know more about the R. Riveter and their products, you may visit https://www.rriveter.com

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