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8 Inspirational Instagram Accounts for Everyone Looking for a Reason to Smile

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Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the best places for inspiration. It’s a creative space where artists are allowed to flaunt some of their best works, where travelers can showcase some of the best places they’ve ever set foot on, and where animal lovers and pet owners can tell rescue stories or show the world just how adorable their furry companions are.

It’s also where celebrities go if they want to show their fans who they really are.

Regardless of the type of content you usually go for, there’s sure to be an Instagram account that can bring a smile to your face. Let’s look at some of them below!

1.     Daily Positive Vibes (@positivevibesquotes)

With more than 1.6 million followers, the Daily Positive Vibes account regularly dishes out gems of advice that are always relevant and very much realistic. And just in case you’re wondering, no, this account does not spew toxic positivity. And that’s why we think it’s amazing—because there are absolutely no pretensions here. However, mainly, it tells followers to always be kind (not just to others but to yourself too!), to not be afraid to take risks, and to learn how to value yourself. It’s highlights also tackle issues like health and wellness as well as suicide.

2.     Snoopy And The Peanuts Gang (@snoopygrams)

Cute, funny, and inspirational. Three words that describe this account. And it’s not just for the fans of cartoons or comic strips. It’s for everyone who appreciates nuggets of wisdom and wholesome humorous content. Really, this account always makes us feel warm inside!

3.     The Cabin Chronicles (@thecabinchronicles)

Amazing pictures of beautiful cabins from all over the world, mostly set against a picturesque background of nature. What this account offers is a different type of inspiration—one that makes you appreciate the simple, unadulterated beauty of this world. It may also want to make you move to a quieter life closer to nature. 

4.     Jennifer Garner (@jennifer.garner)

Chances are, you knew Jennifer from her 2004 blockbuster movie 13 Going on 30 or her smash hit television series, Alias. Let me tell you, it seems the years did nothing to her looks. She’s still as gorgeous today as she was 10-15 years ago. But the biggest change is she’s now a mom who spends a lot of time recreating Ina Garten’s recipes—with much fear and self-doubt. But she does it anyway. Her feed and Instagram Stories tell us you shouldn’t take everything too seriously. Whatever you do, just try your best and enjoy. Oh, and did we tell you she posts random memes and cat videos, too?

5.      CB2 (@cb2)

CB2 regularly dishes content that makes you want to keep changing how your living room looks. It’s a brand that describes itself as “High-design aesthetic with boutiquelike attitude and creative edge.” In layman’s term, we think that means beautiful spaces, using minimalist ideals combined with beautiful furniture. Really, it’s such an amazing account and a must-follow for anyone looking for design inspiration.

6.     Tabitha Brown (@iamtabithabrown)

This vegan actress and influencer recently rose to fame thanks to quick recipe videos and videos of affirmation. Her soothing voice coupled with her pleasant and upbeat personality as well as her messages of hope are enough to take anyone out of a bad day. 

7.     ANIMAL (@animal)

Serving you your daily dose of cuteness from the animal kingdom as submitted by their followers. From a few weeks old tortoise resting on the head of its centenarian grandfather, to a cat who hops around like a bunny (she grew up with two house bunnies!) and a mama bear ushering her cubs, this account gives you the most amazing and bizarre things about animals that are caught on film.

8.     Beautiful Destinations (@beautifuldestinations)

Amassing 13.3 million followers, this account, which aims to inspire people to travel (and as much as possible travel sustainably) makes you wish you were out there discovering new places yourself. Their photos and videos are taken very beautifully. And the best thing is, they always let you know exactly where you can find these scenic locations, making it easier for you to plan your next big escape. 

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