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LOOK: These Female Leaders Are Creating a Future Where Women Have Better Chances at Success

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Whether we accept it or not, there is no denying that gender discrimination is still very much alive in the workplace. Regardless of the field they are in–from hospitality, food and beverage, fashion, to the medical field and the academe–women all over the country are saying that to this day, their gender still negatively affects their work conditions as well as the opportunities presented to them.

According to a Forbes article published earlier this year, “Gender discrimination is explicitly outlawed in the United States under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a federal law that prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religions, gender or national origin. Unfortunately, anti-discrimination laws don’t always protect women against discriminatory practices, especially subtle interactions or nuanced body mannerisms where they are treated differently. Gender bias persists even in 2021 affecting women, women of color and transgender women.”

This is a fact that Peggy Sullivan, Jen Earle, Pamela Prince-Eason, and Kristy Wallace know all too well. And one that the four women are striving to help others rise against through the respective organizations that each founded.

Peggy Sullivan

Peggy is the founder and CEO of SheCAN!, a nonprofit organization that utilizes community, continuous learning, and coaching to help women grow personally and professionally–shaping them to become effective, brave leaders who are not afraid to rise from the pack. In addition to running SheCAN!Peggy is also an entrepreneur, Author of “Happiness Is Your Responsibility” and keynote speaker. Prior to this, she held executive positions for some of the biggest companies in the world, including Blue Cross Blue Shield. She is the recipient of various awards, including the 2019 Woman in Leadership Award (New York State), Buffalo New York City Shaper, Jewish Federation Woman on the Rise, AM Buffalo Leadership Spotlight, Jewish Federation Lion of Judah, Mahler International Leadership Award, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Best of Blue Award.

Jen Earle

The National Association for Women Business Owners (NAWBO) was founded 40 years ago with the sole intention of helping the nation’s population of entrepreneurial women to assume ever-more-influential and increasingly dynamic leadership roles. Today, it has evolved to provide education and mentoring programs to all women, regardless of their location in the world or social position, via online means. And heading this transformative endeavor is Jen Earle, who, aside from being the organization’s CEO, is also a council member of the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC). Jen is also a resource person, a keynote speaker, and contributes for various publications like All Business

Pamela Prince-Eason

Pamela Prince-Eason became the President and CEO of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) back in 2011, and since assuming the position, she has not stopped looking for new ways to facilitate the development of women-owned businesses all over the country. Prior to heading WBENC, Pamela was the Vice President of Worldwide Procurement for Pfizer Inc. She has held various positions prior to this, and have received multiple accolades from organizations both private and public, but for Pamela, her greatest achievement is getting the opportunity to help advance the quantity and quality of education, opportunity, resources, and certification given to women entrepreneurs. . Pamela also serves on women’s advisory committees of several corporations, including the CVS Health Executive Learning Series, EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program, the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network, and Walmart’s Women Owned Business Advisory Council.

Kristy Wallace

Kristy exemplifies the best qualities of a modern woman–she is a successful entrepreneur, host, keynote speaker, an angel investor, and works every day to help improve the lives of women all over the world. Aside from heading Ellevate Network as their CEO, she is also a member of the: UN Women Global Innovation Coalition for Change; Advisor for the 92Y Women in Power Fellowship for Rising Female Leaders, and; Advisory Council for the Villanova University Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship Institute. She also serves as Co-Chair of the Leadership Advisory Board for the Girl Scouts of Greater NYC and is a Board Member at Workforce Professionals Training Institute. For Kristy, the goal is to build an inclusive society where everyone is given equal opportunity to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams regardless of color, gender, sexual orientation, or belief.




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