Thursday, June 1, 2023

Meet ‘Klear’ the Smart Bottle that Cleans Itself for You

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Gym goers, mountaineers, hikers, cyclists, and basically anyone who tries to keep themselves hydrated, all have one–often unspoken–question in common which is ‘Is my water actually clean?’


Most people don’t know that their reusable water bottles have viruses and bacteria growing in them. Sure, you can always wipe off the exterior but what about the inside? That dark, moist space that is the perfect place for nasty stuff to thrive. So then what’s the best way to clean it? You might think soap and water does the trick or throwing in the dishwasher but you’d be wrong. Those methods are time consuming and don’t get into all the nooks and crannies.


Enter Klear, the world’s first and only wide-mouth self cleaning bottle. As its name suggests, this device will clean the inside of your water container for you–without soap and water. It uses UV-C light (the same as what they use to clean in hospitals) to eliminate 99.99999% of bacteria, germs, and viruses that are growing inside your bottle. And all you need to do is fill up your bottle with water, double tap the button, and 3 minutes later it’s all clean.


UV-C technology is widely endorsed by the FDA and has been proven effective in eliminating all sorts of microbes, pathogens and infectious cells by countless studies. Oh, and in case you were wondering–there is no left over chemicals or anything harmful. Afterall, it’s just light, kind of like the sun.

Klear is durable and fits any wide-mouth reusable water bottle regardless of size. It’s low maintenance and one charge can last up to 25 cycles of sanitation. Get yours today at www.drinkklear.com.

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