Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Moonshot Launches Campaign to Tackle Holiday Shopping’s Environmental Impact with Green Friday

Moonshot, a carbon-neutral snack company, is joined by TBH, Nutiva, Petit Pot, Riff, Appleton’s Market, Connect, Toodaloo, Amazi Foods, Fire Ox, LivBar, GOOD PLANeT Foods, Grace's Goodness and Pezzy Pets, as the companies pledge to help consumers offset their personal carbon footprint this holiday season

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The latest findings from the 2021 UN IPCC report serve as a harsh reminder of the reality surrounding the climate crisis: the time to act is now.  That’s why Moonshot, the first explicitly climate-friendly snack brand, is announcing Green Friday, a new campaign aimed at fighting carbon emissions created by holiday shopping. On Friday, November 26th, Moonshot, TBH, Nutiva, Petit Pot, Riff, Appleton’s Market, Connect, Toodaloo, Amazi Foods, Fire Ox, LivBar, GOOD PLANeT Foods, Grace’s Goodness and Pezzy Pets will donate 33.1% of all sales to One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization focused on carbon offsets. 


“We created Green Friday to empower consumers and brands to be part of the climate solution and we’re thrilled to have so many incredible brands on board with us,” stated Julia Collins, founder and CEO of Moonshot. “We welcome everyone to join us in this quest for a more climate-friendly future.”


Last year, holiday shopping was responsible for over 429,000 metric tons of carbon emissions in the UK alone. When you take into account that the average American’s annual carbon footprint is around 20 metric tons, five times greater than the global average, the impact of holiday shopping crystalizes. To sequester that much carbon it would take planting 331 tree seedlings and letting them grow for 10 years. Moonshot, a carbon-neutral operation at both the product and company level, formed this coalition to challenge brands to analyze their carbon footprints while helping consumers offset their personal carbon footprint this holiday season. 


“Green Friday is a campaign that is very close to my heart, as I am extremely passionate about our environment and providing sustainable efforts to make a change for the better,” shared Noah Schnapp, Founder of TBH. “I’m so excited to partner with this initiative as TBH is inspired by sustainability and honesty that is better for the people and the planet, and I’m grateful to make a difference through simple pantry swaps like TBH.”  


The campaign will benefit One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization that has been planting trees around the world since 2014 to offset carbon emissions, increase biodiversity and restore forests. For every dollar donated on Green Friday, one tree will be planted in forests across the country and globe. Reforestation helps to rebuild forests after fires and floods, provide jobs, and restore biodiversity. In addition to donating a portion of sales to One Tree Planted, brands participating will also offset their emissions from the day if they do not already.


Find additional information about Green Friday here. To learn more about the climate-friendly food movement, visit moonshotsnacks.com.


About Moonshot 

Launched in 2020, Moonshot is on a mission to tackle climate change through the power of food. Empowering consumers to take climate action through their food choices, Moonshot is the first climate-friendly snack brand on the market. The company, which is carbon neutral certified at the product and operations level, sources regeneratively grown ingredients, helping to improve soil health while storing more carbon in the ground. Moonshot’s first product, a line of crackers, is available in Sourdough Sea Salt, Rosemary Garlic and Tomato Basil. Customers hungry for change can find Moonshot at major retailers such as The Fresh Market, Raley’s and Giant Food Stores, as well as hundreds of local retailers and online at moonshotsnacks.com. 


Moonshot is the sister company of Planet FWD, a company on a mission to tackle climate change by making it easier to bring climate-friendly products to the market. 


Media Contact 


Rachel Stoczko 

Communications Lead 



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