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September 30 is International Podcast Day, the perfect time to celebrate the power of podcasts! Many people listen to podcasts for different reasons, and with endless categories and options, there’s […]

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Some good news in healthcare! While the world continues to battle the grappling effects of Covid-19, the continent of Africa has won a major victory against the poliovirus, specifically the […]

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Mattel, Inc., the makers of Barbie, takes advantage of playtime to tell young girls everywhere that they have the ability to shape their future. The world-famous doll company has recently […]

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At a difficult time like this, when one might stumble and give up, there are those who use their resilience, resourcefulness, and grit to rise above and find new opportunities […]

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Steve Shriver is not afraid to credit a lot of Eco Lips’ current success to past failures that he and the team had to navigate through, making the lows steppingstones […]

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Social distancing is giving way for throwbacks to make their comebacks, and among them are drive-in theaters. Amid the coronavirus crisis and call for social distancing, drive-in theaters all around […]

What Social Media Day Means To These Entrepreneurs
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For a lot of entrepreneurs trying to make their mark in their chosen industry, social media has opened a lot of doors. Facebook made it possible to introduce a nascent […]

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For those of us lucky enough to be at home during this pandemic, the urge to break out and escape from isolation is very real. Fortunately, there’s a completely safe […]

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There’s an empowering battle cry that’s echoing among women of all ages these days, one that focuses on health, strength, and confidence. Strong is sexy–and gone are the days where […]

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The last few months have undoubtedly been one of the most stressful times of this generation. As Covid-19 continues to spread throughout the world, grief, fear, anger, anxiety, and uncertainty […]