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Raising ducks–whether as a pet or part of your poultry farming system–is not only fun, but a very rewarding experience. Ducks are very low maintenance creatures. You don’t need to […]

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The holidays are here, which, for most people, means that they are struggling with diets. Let’s face it; with the never ending stream of goodies being sent by friends and […]

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With everyone raving about how much cannabidiol-based products have helped them manage symptoms of their diseases or improve their overall wellbeing, it’s no wonder that the CBD industry continues to […]

Meet ‘Klear’ the Smart Bottle that Cleans Itself for You
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Gym goers, mountaineers, hikers, cyclists, and basically anyone who tries to keep themselves hydrated, all have one–often unspoken–question in common which is ‘Is my water actually clean?’   Most people […]

Ms. Orange County is Asking for Your Help to Get The Rock’s Attention
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Hollywood celebrity, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, has been the target of several Instagram posts made by Ms. Orange County, Sanja Hatter recently. The reason? She wants to get him on […]

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A week-long virtual festival dedicated to helping foster kindness within the community. Yes, that is the city of Leeds’ newest initiative and one that took place last September 6-12. The […]

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It’s not uncommon knowledge that we live in a fast-paced world. Science and technology has provided us the comfort of getting things quicker and so much easier than ever. At […]

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MTV makes history once more! Not even a global crisis can stop people from celebrating music and the artists who make it. Despite unprecedented obstacles, the MTV Video Music Awards […]

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We’re all familiar with its iconic orange droplet logo. We’ve all seen it on the shelves of just about every pharmacy or drug store we’ve ever been to. We’ve all […]

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Let’s face it—there are days when everything just falls apart. You’re running on less than two hours of sleep, forgot to stock up on necessities (coffee included!), your workload just […]