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The New Netflix for Business Leaders Is Here

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The New Netflix for Business Leaders Is Here

To say that the Covid-19 outbreak has affected the way people do things is an understatement. Everywhere around the world, individuals, organizations, governments, have tailored the way they operate to respond to the threats of this virus. 

The same is true for education. With schools, universities and other institutions offering specialized learning opportunities unable to physically operate, learning online has become the most acceptable alternative to physically attending lessons.

Last December 2019, Research and Markets released a study estimating that the online education market will reach a value of $350B by 2025. With the way things are right now, we can very well expect this number to grow beyond the initial forecast. But while many institutions offer all sorts of classes focused on practical personal growth, including cooking and baking, gardening, pottery, even music and acting. Very few focus on sharing real, applicable knowledge that can help with scaling a business—especially in this time of great uncertainty.

Enter 100 Million Academy, a newly launched online learning platform that answers to this very specific need. Dubbed as the “Netflix for business leaders”, it brings together some of the best marketers, salespeople, e-commerce experts and top executives—people who have each made profits of more than $100 million—in an effort to help entrepreneurs get direct access to a wealth of information that can help them multiply their investment and increase their income.

100 Million Academy offers all sorts of essential information, including culture building, lead generation, investing, social media marketing, even personal branding, and memory hacking. All taught by business leaders with different specializations and coming from various industries, every lesson is designed to be consumed individually at your own pace—providing you total control of your time.

The program was founded by three entrepreneurs who want to help other business owners get their big break.

“We have the solution. If you’re sitting at home, you’re uncertain, you don’t know what to do, you don’t know what to sell, you don’t know what the first step or the second step or the third step is, the 100 Million Academy has the plan,” shares one of its founders, Cody Sperber. Sperber is both a celebrated educator and a leading real estate investor.

In addition to getting lessons straight from nine-figure entrepreneurs, signing up for this one-of-a-kind program provides additional perks including, one-on-one business strategy session, discounts on software, exclusive invites to events, live daily classes with industry legends, daily trainings and giveaways, exclusive courses, and so much more.

What’s great about this program is that the founders are not making any bold claims like helping members get rich quick. What they offer are step-by-step lessons to help you move closer to your goal of increasing revenues.

Speaking about the relevance of this online learning program, Sperber adds, “Have you been hurt by this crisis? We want to help you. Entrepreneurs need to stick together and lock arms and who better to lock arms with than successful entrepreneurs.”

To learn more about 100 Million Academy including their programs, instructors, and specific terms and benefits, you may visit www.100millionacademy.com.

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