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The Importance of Properly Branding Your New Online Business According to Dan Fleyshman

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As the youngest man to ever take a company public, Dan Fleyshman definitely knows his stuff. The founder of several eight- and nine-figure companies, an angel investor, and the CEO of Elevator Studio, he believes that one of the keys to successfully launching an online business, especially in the time of Covid-19, is proper branding.

Dan Fleyshman’s road to success started when he we was just in middle school. He wanted to start his own business so bad, he started selling candies and cereals. A couple of years later, at the age of 17, he registered the catchphrase “Who’s your daddy?” for a trademark. The brand would serve as a springboard and start many bigger things for him. Two years after getting the trademark, the company had already made $9.2M. Four years after that, it surpassed the $15M mark and was already present in six department store chains. Dan’s creative marketing, which primarily makes use of influencers, and smart use of branding were really paying off. He soon made the company public and started with his other ventures.

Today, Fleyshman is still moving forward. He advises 25 companies—helping them increase their footprint and grow revenues. He is one of the most well-connected individuals on the planet and has direct access to A-list celebrities, CEOs, and other prominent individuals. In addition, Dan is also a very active philanthropist, and has set up his own foundation, Model Citizen Fund, where he personally shoulders all overheard cost.

The pandemic has seen the rise of a lot of businesses online, mainly in an attempt to cover gaps left by the shelter-at-home order—gaps that bigger brands cannot cover as easily. With many of these businesses living online, primarily on social media, Dan has a few lessons to give.

“It’s so crucial for you to be memorable,” he says. “There are simple ways to create a great personal branding in person and online. When done right, your branding will help you gain attention. People will want to buy and work with you because they trust and respect you.”

But creating a brand is only the first half of it. Making sure that people know about you and your brand is equally crucial. “You need to be set up on every social media platform. Same bio photo, same bio, same registration website and a way to get your email address and we’d be able to contact you.”

Fleyshman also adds the importance of never touching topics that can turn off potential customers, including politics, religion or race. He adds, “You will never win. You will always alienate 50% of the people at least. And there’s nothing going to change.”

In an effort to help more people find success, Dan is offering to share the knowledge he gained in running multiple successful companies via a newly launched online learning platform for entrepreneurs, 100 Million Dollar Academy. Dubbed as the “Netflix for Business Leaders”, the program offers a wealth of information in the form of lessons straight from nine-figure entrepreneurs. From branding, creating a company culture, lead generation, to pricing business models,100 Million Academy offers crucial information that can help anyone move closer to their goal of moving up the ladder and increasing revenues.

Want to learn more about how successful entrepreneurs did it? Take Dan’s advice and check out 100 Million Academy by visiting www.100millionacademy.com.

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