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A Book to Teach Kids Resourcefulness in Uncertain Times

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The coronavirus pandemic has made modern-day parenting even more complicated. With families isolating together at home, and parents juggling the responsibilities of remote work, household matters, and kids’ homeschooling needs, one out of two parents say their concerns about the virus are getting in the way of parenting.

However, the pandemic has also brought an opportunity to bring families closer together, and for many parents who used to have no time for anything, this brings a chance to have a more hands-on role in their child’s development. Reading to one’s children is one of the best ways to spend quality time, bringing in numerous benefits such as improved logic skills, lower stress levels, and better mastery of language.

Through colorful and engaging narratives, children’s books often impart wisdom and knowledge that will aid them as they face tougher challenges later in life. One such book that could aid this generation of children growing up in the middle of a pandemic is The Mountain and the Goat, a modern-day fable that introduces the concept of resourcefulness to kids aged four to eight.

The easy-to-understand text and illustration of The Mountain and the Goat enable parents to explain the concept of resourcefulness and creative thinking to their kids.

Written by entrepreneur Siamak Taghaddos, the book’s plot and characters allow kids to learn about resourcefulness, and creative problem-solving, in a fun and engaging way. Apart from developing a resourceful mindset, the book also teaches universal values such as creativity, curiosity, confidence, trust, and kindness.

The Mountain and the Goat lays the foundation for children who carry the potential to change the world and improve lives. With this book, parents are able to teach their kids future-proof skills like resourcefulness, goal-setting, adaptability, innovation, and responsibility,” the American-Iranian businessman said.

Taghaddos’ entrepreneurial spirit had been nurtured since his younger years. As a middle school student, he put up his own computer repair service, and in high school, he resold pagers to fellow kids and small businesses through PagerWholesale.com. Today, he is the CEO of Grasshopper, a company that has worked with over 100,000 entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses with a Virtual Phone System, and co-founder of various brands, including SuperFat, Chargify, Smilebar, and Clearworks.

Addressing parents who are looking to make the most out of increased time with their families, Taghaddos encourages focusing on building a resourceful mindset within their children.

“This allows them to develop the necessary skills and traits to navigate the uncertain economic landscape that they are currently facing,” he shares.

The Mountain and the Goat will be released this July 28th, pre-order your copy now. 

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