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Six Ways to Keep Slaying on Social Media while on Quarantine

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Social media has been one of the best ways for people to cope with being quarantined, which is why it’s no surprise that time spent on the various platforms has greatly increased in the past few weeks. 

Just because you are indoors, does not mean that you can’t keep on creating quality and engaging content. We know you got this, but we’re making it easy for you. Below are some pro tips to help you keep your social media game strong.

Tell a story

Sure, you’ve been reading about how telling stories is the most effective way to use social media, but that has never been more through today. Many are anxious, depressed, and tired. Whether we admit it or not, we are all subconsciously looking for a more profound connection with others. Allow people to connect with you by telling stories out of your posts. How you tell your story (you can be as concise as you want or paint a picture with words) is totally up to you. Same goes for the kind of story you want to tell, but be sure to create every post with the intention of putting something out there that will spark emotions.

 Provide interesting takeaways

A lot of experts in various fields are finding themselves becoming social media celebrities these days with the shelter-in-place order in place. From chefs to medical experts, carpenters, farmers, mathematicians and historians, sharing information that is either relevant or interesting is making people pay attention. If you’ve already got a strong following on social media, and are keeping a secret expertise that may not be very aligned with the persona that people know you for, now’s a good time to pull the curtains on that.

Don’t be tone deaf

It’s generally OK to post about past travels or things you wish you could have access to again but do not be insensitive to what other people might be going through. While you’re free to post whatever you want since your social media accounts are your personal platforms, don’t use it to make others feel like their struggles are not valid.

Ride trends creatively

Saw a trend on Tiktok or Twitter you want to participate in? Look for ways to do it but in such a way that you separate yourself from everybody else. In other words, find a way to stand out without being offensive. Remember, the internet loves and rewards the brave. Be brave.

Keep it short

Every day, people are thrown so much content and information, that it has completely changed how our brains function. Where once it was pretty easy to consume a 6-minute article, now even a 4-minute video can throw people off. Find ways to tell your story quickly, creatively, and effectively.

Repeat what works

Social media is a great way to observe patterns. Keep experimenting, but also take note of posts that work well and try to create content of a similar nature. This way, you get to build a more niche audience that will stick with you for a long time. A good example of this is Newton Nguyen or @milktpapi who started creating 60-second recipe videos on Tiktok not too long ago and now has 1M followers on Twitter, 372,000 followers on Instagram, and 3.7M fans on Tiktok.

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