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Subify: A Win-Win Technology for Content Creators and Fans

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When Chase Hero and Zak Folkman decided to create Subify, they had one goal in mind: to build a platform where both content creators as well as their fans get to share an experience unlike anything available previously.

Both are successful entrepreneurs who have already made their marks as leaders in the digital advertising and technology space. After a decade working with all of the existing social media platforms, as well as many top level content creators, the two decided to address some of the biggest gaps left by just about every popular social media and streaming platform out there.

“We love the opportunities that social media and content platforms have created to connect with people all over the world. But one thing that all of these platforms lack is the ability to create deep and meaningful connections.” shares Chase Hero.

Subify is a platform that was designed to address this major flaw. It combines the best aspects of existing social media platforms while addressing the major flaws that limit the experiences they offer. Think deeper and more authentic experiences–free from censorship and unnecessarily troublesome content restrictions.

“For content creators, this means that they will now have the ability to truly share experiences and publish content without having to worry about what those who do not understand their creative process will think or say. Similarly, fans will now be able to consume content that is more authentic than available anywhere else. And even better, they will have the ability to enjoy all of these without any interruptions,” adds Hero.

In addition to the freedom it offers, Subify also prides itself with being one of the very few platforms that does not share personal information with third parties–further ensuring total user privacy and control. “We understand the frustration that users have when technology platforms share their private information. That is why we have reenvisioned how our platform works creating a totally different technology and experience that prioritizes our end users experience and privacy over that of 3rd parties” adds Folkman.

The platform allows users to interact with their favorite artists and content creators in more ways than one (both digitally AND in the real world). The goal is to create a place where both creators and their followers enjoy spending their time in a positive and judgement free environment. As a result Subify gives fans the opportunity to interact with their favorite content creators in more ways than available anywhere else.” 

To learn more about Subify visit them at https://subify.vip to keep up to date on the latest exciting news from this revolutionary technology platform.

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