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6 Woman-Owned CBD Brands to Try

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July is National Hemp Month, and in this article, we celebrate our favorite CBD brands founded by remarkable and inspiring women who sought out new ways to heal and nourish their communities.

Brown Girl Jane

Owned and founded by sisters Malaika and Nia Jones, together with beauty and wellness expert Tai Beauchamp, Brown Girl Jane is a proudly black woman-owned brand of plant-based wellness and beauty products.

Malaika discovered the wonders of Cannabidiol as a treatment after she gave birth and suffered spinal nerve.

Their team works directly with farmers, chemists, and manufacturers to come up with high-quality products, such as serums, intimacy oils, body butters, and more. All ingredients are grown and processed in the US. Moreover, products are formulated without fillers or dyes, and come in eco-friendly packaging and recyclable bottles.

Learn more about Brown Girl Jane through their website.


Kikoko founders Amanda Jones and Jennifer Chapin bring the concept of “high tea” to the table with their range of teas containing a blend of cannabinoids and herbs with mood-enhancing effects, formulated for fun, sleep, pain, and sex.

The products come in cheeky names such as Positivi-Tea, Tranquili-Tea, Sympa-Tea, and Sensuali-Tea.

The brand also offers tinctures for day and night usage, Manuka honey shots, and botanical mints, with effects that intend to address issues with sleep, stress, anxiety, mood, pain, focus, and libido.

Discover Kikoko’s products on their website.


Founded in 2018 by Carolyn Gray, the Brooklyn-based NOIREBUD is a black female-owned luxury CBD brand that set out to pay homage to people of color who were unjustly punished and incarcerated due to its criminalization. 

Noticing that the black and brown community was underrepresented in the industry, she worked towards developing affordable, trustworthy, and luxurious products to address their needs, and reflected her own passion, purpose, and pride is reflected in the brand’s bold and black aesthetic.

Today, NOIREBUD’s range of products include oral drops, CBD hard candies, CBD herbal tea packs, and a CBD recovery salve stick. All of their products are paraben-free and vegan.

As of July 2020, 10% of profits from all purchases will go towards the nationwide Black Lives matter initiatives. Find more about NOIREBUD on their website.

Quim Rock

Founded by Cyo Nystrom and Rachel Washtien, the San Francisco-based brand is all about providing self-care solutions for “people with vaginas”.

Learning from their own experiences with vaginal health issues, and allergic reactions to commercially available lubricants, the power duo came together to develop all-natural and cannabis-infused intimate self-care products.

The brand has also taken conversations about discussions on reproductive health to another level through their nuanced discussions about STDs, UTIs, and other problems commonly experienced by women.

Quim’s products include Smooth Operator Intimate Serum, a CBD-infused and latex-safe substance that helps with blood flow, inflammation, and pelvic relaxation; and Happy Clam Everyday Oil, an “eye cream for your vagina”.

Find more about Quim’s offerings on their website.

BSBE (Blissful Stoner Body Essentials)

Hailing from New Orleans, BSBE is the first Black woman-owned CBD brand in the Big Easy. A woman named Cat established the brand in 2018 when she realized the need to bring awareness to Cannabidiol’s benefits to people of color, especially in her community.

Today, BSBE offers body oils, body butters, facial masks, bath products, and pain relief rubs. All products are handmade and produced in small batches to ensure high quality balanced with affordability. The company also uses non-GMO and sustainable hemp free from harmful chemicals and uses CBD that has undergone a Triple Lab Testing process.

Explore BSBE’s CBD offerings on their website.

Kiva Confections

Founded by Kristi Knoblich together with her partner Scott Palmer in 2010, Kiva Confections is one of the most prominent cannabis companies in California.

The brand was built at a time when the edible cannabis market was underserved. Knoblich and Palmer worked with cultivators, labs, and a local chocolatier to come up with high-quality products to address the demand for better edibles, and to ensure efficacy, food safety, and business integrity in their operations.

Today, the brand specializes in cannabis-infused artisan confections. Their most popular products include Kiva Bars, award-winning chocolate bars; and Terra Bites, conveniently sized cannabis-infused chocolate that comes in four different flavors.

Find your favorite Kiva Confections product on their website.

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