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6 Tips You Need to Know Before Starting Your Podcast

By Celina Nogueras, CEO of Muuaaa Design, Brand Growth Specialist, and Latina Podcaster

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On a general understanding, Podcasts are a series of episodes of spoken words and personal thoughts through the digital audio file that can be accessed through a personal device for easy listening. 

There are 197 million Americans who have heard of Podcasts and currently, there are  43 million podcast episodes that you can listen to. Podcasts may seem easy and fun to create but it definitely requires a lot of work.  With a huge volume of people who are into podcasts, you must know your strength and how you can stand out and successfully reach your audience. 

I had the opportunity to interview Celina, CEO of Muuaaa Design, Brand Growth Specialist and host of Jefas y Jevas recently and she was generous enough to share 6 Tips that beginners need to know to start a podcast.

What is the first important thing to conceptualize?

Content is important. When thinking of your content, you must have answers to questions: “Why do you want to start a podcast?”  “What do you want to say?”  You need to create original content, that’s not overly saturated. You also need to find your voice and that topic that you are passionate about. Before you start, do your research, listen to similar podcasts and find your special edge. Find your: What’s that thing that nobody else has; Find your unique selling proposition.

How do you make titles and captions?

Be sure once you have your topic that you create a catchy name that encompasses your value proposition. Make sure to include a catchy or buzzworthy word on your title that will connect with your desired audience. The one-liner description of the podcast is as important as the name. 

I always suggest creating three Brand Words, that you know people are into, and use them again and again, in the title, in the description, and promo. Repetition is key! 

How do you make your own brand?

Plan a gorgeous photoshoot, enjoy yourself and project yourself as you want people to see you and value you. 

Create a cover that reflects your values. Choose your brand colors and typography.  If you are not a designer and don’t want to invest in one from the get-go, some user-friendly apps would make your life easier. A little research goes a long way! 

How can you decide on your content?

Choose your podcast format, interviews, how many hosts it will have, or if it will be just you on the mic!  Consistency is the key to that. Decide on the frequency for launching new episodes and most importantly: stick to it! Consider doing seasons and dropping them either all together or once every week or two weeks. Great episodes could range from 20-35 minutes long. As you get feedback and insights from your audience, this can change. 

Upload your content to a podcast platform like  Anchor or Buzzsprout and the platform will upload it on all listening platforms. These platforms also provide those valuable insights you will recur to for growth! 

How would you get people to listen to you?

Your work is not done with the podcast, it’s just starting. You need to get those listeners and those downloads. Create a social media profile or use your personal one. If you use your personal one, make sure it is public, and your content is associated with the podcast.  

Your podcast episodes will provide enough content for multiple social media channels! Get creating with what you put out on those episodes.  You should be able to upload remarkable quotes from each podcast, a list of takeaways from the episode, and mini audio teasers to get people engaged.

Consider doing Instagram and Facebook lives or stories every time you launch a new episode telling people why they should listen to the episode.

How can you earn from your podcast?

Whether it’s a  passion project or side hustle, it’s always good to think about ways of monetizing your podcast… In the end, you’re investing time and energy into it? Right? Here are some tips regarding ways to monetize your podcast:  

  • Collaborate with other podcasts! Building your network can use helping hands.
  • Get some media attention
  • Create a Blog and allow sponsored ads.
  • Get some sponsors for the podcast

According to Celina, podcasts are about genuine connections, shaping conversations, and creating new noteworthy ones. It’s the opportunity to talk to the people who will listen and the ones joining along the way. Even if it’s just for fun, creating a podcast is just like creating a brand, except in this case the brand is You.

When you make people listen to you, you’ve already paved a way to influence them in ways you might not be aware of, and when you do, you should grab that chance to always aspire to inspire with your stories.

You can find Celina on Facebook and Instagram! Make sure to check out her podcast, @jefasyjevas

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