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Discover a Driven Brand: Words With Zoe Klein of Ohh My Glo

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Step into the world of Ohh My Glo: A brand born out of passion and determination to revolutionize the tanning industry.

Spearheaded by Zoe Klein, a seasoned spray tanner with a decade of expertise, this Australian gem boasts products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and a true testament to innovation. Dive deep into Zoe’s journey as we converse with her about Ohh My Glo and its promising future.

Ohh My Glo is not just an Australian-owned brand; it’s a manifestation of Zoe Klein’s dedication. Recognizing the hurdles clients faced post-tanning, Zoe, with a decade-long expertise, embarked on a journey to craft a solution. The result? The pioneering Fake Tan Setting Spray that’s garnered applause for its distinctive formula and application. And as the brand preps to release its new range of color correcting tans, it’s evident that Ohh My Glo is just getting started. We sat down with Zoe to discuss her vision, her brand, and what’s on the horizon.

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How long have you been in business?

1 year already

How are you making a difference in the world?

Ohh My Glo Unveils a Magical Fake Tan Setting Spray – The Ultimate Solution for a Flawless Tan

Ohh my glo is taking the tanning industry by storm with its revolutionary approach to self-tanning products. Dedicated to providing tanners with unparalleled comfort and convenience, ohh my glo introduces a game-changing solution that sets a new standard for the perfect tan.

Say goodbye to sticky fake tans and fear of staining fabrics and hard surfaces! Ohh my glo’s fake tan setting spray features a magical formula that eliminates stickiness from any self-tan products and prevents any tan mishaps on clothing, sheets, toilet seats, or even your in-laws’ white leather couch.

Featured on the You Beauty Mamamia podcast, this innovative spray-on product is making waves for its ability to avoid those pesky fake tan stains on the toilet seat. Now, you can indulge in a worry-free tanning experience without any unsightly marks.

What inspired you to start your company?

Zoe’s deep understanding of her clients’ pain points and her commitment to providing a seamless and enjoyable tanning experience became the driving force behind the creation of Ohh My Glo. Through her innovation and expertise, she has transformed the tanning industry and set new standards for self-tanning products, empowering tanners to achieve flawless, worry-free glows.

Where did the inspiration for the brand come from?

The inspiration for the brand Ohh My Glo came from its founder, Zoe Klein, who is a renowned professional spray tanner with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Zoe’s dedication to her clients and understanding of their needs and concerns led her to recognise a major pain point in the tanning process – the discomfort and stickiness caused by traditional fake tans. Many of her clients disliked the feeling of being sticky after their spray tans and feared ruining their tan by putting on their clothes straight away or transferring onto anything before the tan had set.

Driven by the desire to provide a better tanning experience, Zoe embarked on a mission to find a solution that prioritises comfort and delivers impeccable results. Collaborating with expert chemists, she sought to develop a unique spray-on product that would eliminate the stickiness of fake tans while ensuring minimal transfer onto fabrics and hard surfaces like sheets, clothing, and even toilet seats.

With unwavering determination, Zoe crafted a magical formula that met her high standards of being vegan-friendly, non-toxic, made in Australia, and cruelty-free. It took months of research and refinement before finally launching the Ohh My Glo Fake Tan Setting Spray in November 2022, marking a significant milestone as Australia’s first fake tan setting spray.

Who in the industry do you turn to for inspiration? Are there any other brands or companies that you admire?

I have been tanning the Booby Tape sisters since they were working as Melbourne Stylists back in 2014. One of the co-founders of Booby Tape, Bridgett Cavallaro has been a major inspiration and go-to-contact for advice on where I needed to start and for ongoing support. 

What’s next for Ohh My Glo?

Alongside our her product, Australia’s first and only fake tan setting spray, the brand has launched a gentle tan remover that removes all traces of left-over stubborn tans in 5 minutes. The are also gearing up to launch a range of 4 color correcting self-tans and a whole lot of accessories in time for Aussie spring that promise to take tanning to new heights.

The tanning industry has been eagerly anticipating this breakthrough, and the excitement is evident in ohh my glo’s recent nomination as a tanning product finalist in the prestigious She-Com Beauty Awards for their fake tan setting spray.

With its focus on innovation, comfort, and cruelty-free practices, ohh my glo is leading the charge in the tanning industry, setting new standards, and empowering tanners to achieve a flawless, worry-free glow.


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