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7 Wholesome Subreddits to Brighten Up Your Mood!

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Tagged as “the front page of the Internet”, Reddit is home to every type of community imaginable, where people talk about life pro tips, knitting, gaming, cool facts they learned today, or photos of people holding oranges while in the shower. A 15-minute scroll through r/all is all it takes to catch up on everything that’s going on in the world.

Reddit is also the birthplace of many of the Internet’s popular memes, from ancient ones like Rage Comics to the latest ones that pop up on MemeEconomy. Moreover, it’s a great resource for much-needed cuteness and positivity amidst these trying times.

Here’s a compilation of some of the most positive subreddits on Reddit to put a smile on your face and brighten up your day!


Welcome. You must be tired from scrolling through the day’s bad news. Cleanse your eyes and have a fresh start through r/eyebleach, dedicated solely to happiness-inducing content like human-puppy dance battles, cats lovingly staring at their humans, or a big, intimidating grey wolf transforming into a good boy after meeting the humans who raised him.


All that eye bleach must have stung a little. Let’s get some waterworks moving to really cleanse your eyes, and head over to one of the most positive subreddits ever: r/wholesomegifs. Some of the best posts here include gifs of a man being reunited with the 669 children he saved during the Holocaust, a dad moved to tears after his son scores his first goal, and Bob Ross’ son Steve making the best out of a happy painting accident, just like his dad.


Your eyes must be feeling refreshed after all that crying. Now, let’s work on restoring your hope in humanity! Some of the simplest yet most heartwarming stories here include a gas station cashier looking out for one of his regulars, a bartender coming to the rescue and saving a patron’s life, and a random stranger taking steps to make sure someone finds their lost keys. See? There are good people in this world. Let’s pause for a moment if we have to, and carry on.


As if you don’t need enough convincing that the world is still a good place, we’ve got pictures and stories of animals doing their own acts of kindness. The most popular content around here features a little bird keeping a man company while he eats his lunch, a cat who saves a baby from falling, and a crow feeding a stray kitten who eventually becomes his friend.


The most popular subreddit on this list, r/aww is your definitive source of all things adorable: a small frog taking a bath  in a bottle cap on a hot summer day, a restaurant patron’s heartwarming reaction to receiving cake on her birthday, and a golden retriever who instantly smiles after getting head scratches.


Let’s have a change of pace and put on our learning hats. This subreddit is the informative sister of the more popular r/aww, containing photos of various animals (because dogs and cats shouldn’t get a monopoly on cuteness, right?), paired with cool scientific facts about them. For example, did you know that the stumping of seagulls is called a rain dance, or that trained rats in Africa have been used to find thousands of unexploded landmines and bombs? Best of all, the community works together to verify facts posted on this subreddit.


Social media at its worst is a hotbed of negativity; but at its best, it’s also a place where touching stories are being shared. This subreddit is the definitive compilation of heartwarming and uplifting screenshots, comics, pictures, and memes being shared on the Internet. We’d love to tell you about some examples, but for this subreddit, it’s best to explore it for yourself!

Reddit may be many things, but one of the best things about it is the massive number of positive subreddits sharing and celebrating the best things about life, from cute animals to humans doing kind things for others. Spread the love, share it through a group chat or two.

Got any favorite positive subreddits to share that we haven’t included here? Let us know in the comments!

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